Have you ever held a baby who was having a meltdown because she wasn’t feeling well?  And, as much as you wanted to tell her, “STOP CRYING!” – you did not because you understood how she felt?  That was an act of compassion.

When you’re having a bad day and you feel like crying or just vegging out to recover, what do you say to yourself?  Many people say something like, “Come on, get it together. You’re an adult who shouldn’t have a meltdown. Stop being so emotional”.  Instead of that, what if you had compassion for yourself and said, “Hey, it’s okay.  I get it.  Feel that feeling, cry if you have to, and then let’s move on.”

Does that sound uncomfortable?  Why can’t you say that to yourself?  Is it because we are adults who should stifle our feelings and pretend everything is okay?  That is often what society, our parents, and our friends would have us believe. Well, what if they are all wrong?!

Showing compassion for ourselves when we’re having a rough moment or a complete crying jag is NECESSARY for our mental and emotional well-being.  If you keep everything stuffed down it leads to stress, depression, anxiety, resentment, anger, substance abuse, and all kinds of illnesses, including heart disease.

Today’s Exercise

The ritual/prayer below is a portion of something written by Alana Fairchild.   I’ve done a lot of crying and healing thanks to her! 🙂 I used this to help me develop compassion for myself.  Don’t analyze it!  Trust the process.  Sit quietly, and let it sink in for a few minutes.

Note – You can pray to whatever deity you choose or your Higher Self or the Divine or just say it with no deity at all!

“Holy ones, who love me without condition, help me to trust my journey.  When all seems lost, please bring me comfort.  When impatience overpowers trust, please remind me that my divine destiny is always happening, and divine timing is impeccable and loving.  And, when I feel punished, rejected, abandoned or ignored, please bring sweetness to my heart and help me feel your loving gaze upon me.  Bless me with grace, compassion and protection so that I maintain hope in my heart and soon bear witness to the miracle of life with my own eyes.”

Sending you peace and comfort and intention for having less meltdowns. 🙂

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