“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”


Congrats!  You showed up for Day 4 of the Developing Compassion series.  I am proud of you for taking charge of your healing process!

On Day 3, you did a free write with this question – What pain or suffering can I listen to now with curiosity?

What came up that needs healing?  If you’re like most people, you remembered various moments in your life that caused unhappiness. Maybe you were overlooked by your teacher or coach and you now believe you’re unseen or unheard by others. Or, your inner child felt your dad favored your brother.  Consequently, you seek validation from others before making decisions.  Perhaps you were abused by a loved one so you believe you cannot be safe in a relationship.

You probably have a myriad of false beliefs from your childhood causing you to feel unhappiness. You may feel unloved, angry, unappreciated, incompetent, guilty, stifled, worthless, needy, betrayed, abandoned, neglected, etc.  And, all these feelings you are experiencing are OKAY to have!  You have a right to feel them and express them!  But, at some point, if you want to be happy, you must release those feelings.  You want to experience healing and happiness, yes?

Your Wounds Are Not Your Identity

All the traumatic moments you’re holding onto that cause you misery are often due to what someone else did to you, or you were compelled to do by an authority figure, or you misperceived due to your conditioning.  Your experiences and actions do not define who you are at your core level!  You have a CHOICE – right now – to feel love and peace and to live a different life.  It is time to take back your power from the people who intentionally or unintentionally harmed you. How? You do this by healing yourself.

Your wounded inner child needs healing – not further punishment via your negative self-talk.  What will it take for you to give yourself a break?  What will it take for you to extend the compassion to YOURSELF that you so freely give to others? There are no more excuses.  You are reading this because the time for healing and self-compassion is NOW.  I have been through all of this myself, and I empathize with and understand what you’re going through.

Listen!  You are not alone. You matter.  Healing CAN be yours!  And, you are worthy of so much more than that trash talker inside your head wants you to believe.  Let’s relieve it of duty, shall we?  Because it has served its purpose!  Finally, YOU – the beautiful, Divine YOU – are in control of your self-talk.  What will it sound like now?  Remember, it is YOUR CHOICE.  Do you want to embody self-compassion or self-hatred?

Today’s Exercise

Here is a tool I used to help with healing my wounded inner child.  It takes courage, honestly.  But, it is SO cathartic!  I definitely recommend doing it more than one time.  The frequency is at your discretion.

Do this visualization when you can be alone and quiet.  If visualizing is difficult for you to do, then write the story.  Additionally, if at any time this process is too emotional for you, pause for a few moments or stop entirely and try it another time.  For the most effective healing, I suggest making it through the entire thing when you are comfortable with it.  For ease, I’m using the pronoun “she”.

Imagine your adult self to be sitting somewhere comfortably.  Additionally, imagine yourself as a small child, and she is sitting in your lap.  She is crying.  Hug her close.  Show her compassion!  Ask her why she is crying.  Let her pour out her heart.  And, don’t interrupt her as she needs to be heard.  She needs to express these feelings she has been stifling for so long.  Keep hugging her.  Assure her she is safe, and you love her.  Let her know it is okay to cry and talk about her feelings.

Also, let her know you are always here for her.  And, tell her it is time to let all of these feelings release and be healed.  She is not responsible for the events that are causing her pain.  Now, imagine you both surrounded by an egg-shaped white light.  You feel so loved and safe!  This is a healing light from the Divine, and it is filling you both with feelings of love, acceptance, and forgiveness.  Sit inside the light as long as you wish.  Lastly, when you are ready, express thanks, and open your eyes.

Sending you peace, love, and intention for healing.

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