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Hi!  Thank you for listening to your soul and exploring my website!  My name is Chanin Zellner, and I am here to change the world with love, one person at a time!

I have spent the last four decades studying metaphysics, spirituality, and personal development.  After nearly 30 years with a career in the business world, I realized I was being called to do something “bigger” to help humanity. 

So, several years ago I enrolled in a self-development program through which I learned the Vibrational UPgrade™ System.  I healed a TON of childhood trauma and societal conditioning! Due to the trauma, I had a warped perspective of who I was and the world around me.

I experienced sexual and domestic abuse, death of a parent, bankruptcy, two divorces, loss of a child, addiction problems, and much more.  All of this had an immense impact on me physically and emotionally, including a diagnosis of PTSD.  YET, I have triumphed over it all!  My heart’s PASSION is to help you do the same!

I am extremely empathetic, compassionate, understanding and loving. Additionally, I have been told I have a remarkable ability to emanate a sense of peace, safety, and love to everyone who is ready to receive it.

As a psychic, medium, and channel for Divine love, healing, and wisdom, I connect with your various auric bodies and your Higher Self to accurately identify and help you heal and rewire your hidden false beliefs that keep you from creating the life you desire.



My vision is a world in which everyone loves themselves and others unconditionally – a true Heaven on Earth.



My mission is to help liberate at least a million people from the impact of trauma by 12/31/2032.  To some, this may be a lofty goal, but I faithfully believe it is POSSIBLE!



The Light Vessel is here to help EVERYONE who seeks a life filled with love, joy, peace and abundance!  Are you ready?

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