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Could I Be Your Savior?

Remember that children’s book, “Are You My Mother?” about the little bird who wandered around looking for its mom? It seems like lots of people are doing the same thing, but instead are looking for someone to save them. We go to psychologists, counselors, coaches,...

Childhood Conditioning

Childhood conditioning.  What does that mean?  How does childhood conditioning impact the rest of our lives?  What can we do to get past it and move forward?  Here are some conditions I suffered from and cured by overcoming my childhood conditioning. PTSD Depression...

Rising Above Sexual Trauma – My Story

"I am not my sexual trauma."  If you got this far, awesome!  90% of people won’t read this particular blog. Why?  Because it is uncomfortable?  Or, it isn’t funny?  Could it be they aren’t ready to face their sexual trauma because it is too painful?  I’ve been there!...

Developing Compassion – Day 6

I’d been told so many times by outside sources that I was not a good person for one reason or another.  I also didn’t deserve sympathy, patience, love, or understanding because I was so flawed. After you hear something repeatedly, even if evidence reveals the contrary, you take it to heart.

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