At last. I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time – bless you all with my wit and wisdom. Ummm…yeah, that’s all I got.  🙂  Seriously though, I am finally taking the scary leap into the unknown and starting my imperfect blog.  Wahoo!  I have learned SO much the past 2 years.  Because of this, I am hopeful that I can pass some of it on so YOU can experience the relief and joy I now have since I have healed so much stuff that has been holding me back.

I’ve been doing some intensive personal and spiritual development that has involved delving into long-held and deeply rooted traumas that have been negatively affecting my life for DECADES.  While I continue to peel away the layers bit by bit, I am now in a place of clarity and peace where I can – from a detached perspective – write about all I have discovered – well, not ALL of it because some secrets should remain closely held.  But, I have the ability to look at my life as an outsider and write about it without intense emotion, so I am able to convey the messages and the lessons, but not put myself into a tailspin involving lots of sobbing and pints of ice cream, a bottle of wine, and reruns of Gilmore Girls.  Not that those last three are necessarily BAD things. 😉

You’re going to learn more about me than you might want to know!  I have seen a meme going around on Facebook that says something along the lines of  – we go through crap so we can help others survive their own crap.  The meme was more eloquent, but you get the point.

I’ve learned that’s part of my soul’s purpose this lifetime – to get a well-rounded repertoire of trauma so I can readily help a WHOLE lot of people because I can relate so well on so many levels.

I am making fun of myself to some degree, but I’m not exaggerating much.  I am honored that the Divine had enough faith in me to pursue and hopefully fulfill this part of my mission.

What will I be writing (and maybe talking) about, you ask?  Lots!  One prominent theme, if you haven’t figured it out yet, is how to heal and overcome trauma. We all have it.  Some of us have had more than others, but no one escapes this life unscathed, whether or not you’re aware of the reason for your scars.

Common life stressors that can affect our emotional and physical health are marriage, divorce, death of a loved one, job changes, moving, etc.   I’ll be talking about the effects of these and more “intense” topics too such as abuse, sexual trauma, neglect, abandonment, etc.  When we finally heal this shite and take control of our minds that like to torture us, we set up ourselves to pursue and live the lives of our dreams.  Really!

I promise this will not be “gloom and doom” and “woe is me” b.s.  That’s not who I am (anymore), and there are plenty of other places to read those viewpoints.  I am here to inspire you to stop beating yourself up, stop worrying, and stop feeling ashamed.  And, to stop being paralyzed by fear of the unknown!  Any of that sound familiar to you?

You CAN feel better!  You CAN have an abundant, fabulous life filled with loving relationships and more joy, love, peace, and laughter than you can imagine.  I promise it IS possible.  But, it is up to you.  Are you ready?  It’s a trip, and it’s worth it!


stress, peace, healing trauma, energy medicine

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